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Welcome to Midland Certified, Your Source for Oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA, LNA and Polynucleotides!



Midland has been a leader of synthetic DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides for more than 20 years. We pioneered the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for quality assurance, a procedure that has become the industry standard for the very best in oligonucleotide synthesis. Guided by this quality commitment, we have designed and built DNA synthesizers which produce a lower gene synthesis error rate than any commercially available instrument today. This enables our customers to build genes, and even whole genomes, directly from oligos with an exceptionally high fidelity. This technique has recently been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (US) 100, 15440-15445 (2003).

Another outgrowth of our focus on the quality of our synthesis chemistry is the ability to modify oligonucleotides. Today, we offer over 100 modifications, including fluorophores, quenchers, backbone modifications, degeneracies, molecular beacon probes, and minor nucleotides. To view the complete list click here. While several DNA and RNA modifications can be ordered from this website, many pose technical challenges that we will need to discuss with you before we proceed to manufacture, and for these we ask that you contact us. A printout of the MALDI-TOF mass spectrum is provided at no additional charge with all modified oligonucleotides.

We continue to offer all of the popular purification modalities, such as HPLC and PAGE purification. However, synthesis technology is now sufficiently advanced that for many applications, purification, which would have been essential only a few years ago, is no longer necessary. Thus, for example, genes are constructed from GF-grade (desalted) oligonucleotides without the need for further purification.

We also sell and offer information on such popular products such as:
  • RNA Polymers
  • DNA Polymers
  • Amino-Modified Oligos
  • Thiol-Modified Oligos
  • Please inquire about LNAs and ENAs -
  • OVER 300 different modifications available for DNA, RNA, and LNA synthesis
  • And more... Our List of Overseas Distributors:
  • India - GenxBio Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
  • Jordan - Burjouan Medical Laboratory Supplies We welcome your product inquiries and technical questions at
    (800) 247-8766 or (432) 694-7950, where a real person, not a recording, will greet you! You may also send inquiries to

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