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LNA™ Oligo Synthesis

The Midland Certified Reagent Company, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been able to reduce prices on LNA™ oligos ordered in quantity! In response to requests from researchers, MCRC can now synthesize oligos with any number of LNA™ bases not only as single oligos but now also in plate format with a minimum of 60 oligos. (Please see specific information, restrictions and pricing below.) There are no restrictions as to where the LNA™ bases can be placed within the sequence, but, as noted below, there must be bases other than LNA™ in the oligo sequence. If you desire all LNA™ oligos, they are possible, although it should be discussed with us before ordering.

LNA™-enhanced oligonucleotides are ideal when studying short or very similar sequences. The high affinity of an LNA™ oligo to its complementary sequence results in dramatically improved specificity and sensitivity compared to traditional DNA or RNA oligonucleotides. In many cases, LNA™-enhanced oligonucleotides can be used to distinguish between sequences differing by a single nucleotide, which can be critical for the success of many experiments.

Most DNA modifications are available for LNA™. Our in-house process allows us to produce sequences containing both DNA and LNA™ bases without changing synthesizers, and is also capable of adding multiple modifications, which can be located internally and/or at either end. This innovation, combined with the plate format, reduces manufacturing costs, and has made it more affordable to utilize LNA™ oligos in your research application. RNA/LNA™/DNA hybrids are possible as well. Please call Dr. Lynn Myers at 800-247-8766 to discuss your research needs.


  • Initial contact for all LNA™ orders should be made through MCRC, but the actual order must be placed through Exiqon,
    nkfor whom we are a subcontractor.

  • For special pricing to apply, oligos must be ordered in plates; standard current pricing will apply to any order
    nksmaller than 60 oligos. “Discounts” are not applied to any LNA™ order, except possibly on modifications.

  • Oligo length: 15 bases minimum, 40 bases maximum per oligo.

  • Sequences must contain bases other than LNA™ (no all-LNA™ oligos).

  • Scale of synthesis: either 200 nanomole or 1 micromole is offered, (For mg or gram quantities, please call for pricing).

  • Plate pricing for the 200 nanomole scale is $3 per DNA base, and $6 per LNA™ base.

  • Plate pricing for the 1 micromole scale is $6 per DNA base, and $12 per LNA™ base.

  • Purification is recommended, and is priced as follows:
    nkOn the 200 nanomole scale, HPLC is $70, PAGE is $300.
    nkOn the 1 micromole scale, HPLC is $120, PAGE is $800.

  • Modifications will be quoted separately, based on scale, the number of modifications and the number of insertions.

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