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DNA Polymers and Homo Oligomers

Midland?s catalogue contains carries several varieties of DNA polymers, DNA template/primers, and Homo Oligomers. Please browse our products in the tables below, or continue to our login page to place an order.

DNA Polymers

Polydeoxynucleotides (DNA polymers) manufactured by Midland are prepared from high-purity deoxynucleoside triphosphates and specific polymerizing enzymes (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase or DNA polymerase). We use only DNA modifying enzymes produced in our laboratory to synthesize our polymers. DNA polymers are packaged on the basis of A260 units (U).

We have a long history of purifying DNA-polymerizing enzymes from natural sources to remove nucleases that compete with the synthetic reaction. We have thus enjoyed a reputation for polymers of greater length than those produced by our competitors. Each lot of polymer is analyzed by gel electrophoresis to estimate the range of sizes and degree of polydispersity. A certificate of analysis is provided with each polymer.

Midland currently has in stock both poly (dI?dC) and poly (dA) DNA Polymers.

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DNA Polymers
  HOMOPOLYMERSNUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  Poly dA (Polydeoxyadenylate), sodium salt P-2001156.00685.001370.002470.0024000.00
  Poly dC (Polydeoxycytidylate), sodium salt P-2002145.00640.001280.002400.0023500.00
  Poly dI (Polydeoxyinosinate), sodium salt P-2003195.00910.001800.003400.0033000.00
  Poly dT (Poldeoxythymidylate), sodium salt P-2004150.00650.001300.002200.0021500.00
  Poly dU (Polydeoxyuridylate), sodium salt P-2005200.00910.001800.003380.0032000.00
  DUPLEX POLYMERSNUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  Poly (dA-T•dA-T) (Polydeoxy(adenylate-thymidylate)), sodium salt P-2100156.00685.001370.002470.0024000.00
  Poly (dA•dT) (Polydeoxyadenylate•Polydeoxythymidylate), sodium salt P-2300156.00685.001370.002470.0024000.00
  Poly (dI-C•dI-dC) (Polydeoxy(inisinate-cytidylate)), sodium salt P-2400195.00910.001800.003380.0032000.00
  Poly (dI•dC) (Polydeoxyinosinate•Polydeoxycytidylate), sodium salt P-2410195.00910.001800.003380.0032000.00

DNA Template/Primers
Complexes of oligodeoxynucleotides with their complementary polymers are useful in distinguishing DNA polymerase activity from true reverse transcriptase.
MIDLAND offers both polydeoxyadenylate and polyriboadenylate annealed with oligothymidylates, p(dT)10 and p(dT)12-18. Similarly, oligo p(dG)12-18 is prepared by annealing the oligodeoxyguanylate with polycytidylate or polydeoxycytidylate. All complexes are equimolar and all are furnished as the lyophilized sodium salts.
Template/primers are packaged and sold on the basis of A260 Units.

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  ITEM  CATALOG NO.5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  Poly dA . p(dT)10  P-411050.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly dA . p(dT)12-18  P-411250.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly dC . p(dG)12-18  P-421250.00190.00360.00720.007000.00

Homo Oligomers

In addition to offering DNA and RNA polymers, Midland offers a full line of primers for molecular biological research. We offer the complete homologous series of oligo deoxythymidylates from p(dT)2 (thymine dinucleotide) through p(dT)36, as well as mixed p(dT)12-18 and p(dT)19-24. Additionally, a number of oligo dA, oligo dC, and oligo dG homologs are available. Please call for pricing for any of the oligo dN products; a few are listed below.

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  OLIGODEOXYADENYLATES-Non-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  dA10, sodium salt  B-101045.00210.00400.00770.007200.00
  dA12, sodium salt  B-101255.00260.00500.00970.009200.00
  dA14, sodium salt  B-101465.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  dA16, sodium salt  B-101670.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dA18, sodium salt  B-101870.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  OLIGODEOXYADENYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dA)2, ammonium salt  A-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dA)10, sodium salt  A-101047.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  p(dA)12-18, sodium salt  A-121847.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  OLIGODEOXYCYTIDYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dC)10, sodium salt  C-101057.00250.00480.00920.008900.00
  p(dC)12-18, sodium salt  C-121857.00230.00480.00920.008900.00
  OLIGODEOXYGUANYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dG)10, sodium salt  G-101057.00230.00------
  p(dG)12-18, sodium salt  G-121857.00230.00------
  OLIGODEOXYTHYMIDYLATES-Non-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  dT10, sodium salt  D-101037.00170.00320.00610.005900.00
  dT12, sodium salt  D-101255.00260.00500.00970.009200.00
  dT14, sodium salt  D-101465.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  dT16, sodium salt  D-101670.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dT18, sodium salt  D-101870.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dT12-18, sodium salt  D-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  OLIGODEOXYTHYMIDYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dT)2, ammonium salt (Thymine Dinucleotide)  N-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dT)10, lithium salt  O-101039.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)12-18, lithium salt  O-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)2, sodium salt (Thymine Dinucleotide)  P-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dT)3, sodium salt  P-100322.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)4, sodium salt  P-100422.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)5, sodium salt  P-100522.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)6, sodium salt  P-100624.00120.00240.00480.004800.00
  p(dT)7, sodium salt  P-100726.00130.00260.00520.005200.00
  p(dT)8, sodium salt  P-100829.00145.00290.00580.005800.00
  p(dT)9, sodium salt  P-100932.00145.00290.00580.005800.00
  p(dT)10, sodium salt  P-101039.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)11, sodium salt  P-101149.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  p(dT)12, sodium salt  P-101260.00250.00480.00920.008900.00
  p(dT)13, sodium salt  P-101369.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  p(dT)14, sodium salt  P-101469.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  p(dT)16, sodium salt  P-101680.00390.00750.001450.0014000.00
  p(dT)18, sodium salt  P-101880.00390.00750.001450.0014000.00
  p(dT)36, sodium salt  P-1036107.00500.00950.001800.0017000.00
  p(dT)19-24, sodium salt  P-111989.00420.00800.001500.0014500.00
  p(dT)12-18, sodium salt  P-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00

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