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In addition to offering DNA and RNA polymers, Midland offers a full line of primers for molecular biological research. We offer the complete homologous series of oligo deoxythymidylates from p(dT)2 (thymine dinucleotide) through p(dT)36, as well as mixed p(dT)12-18 and p(dT)19-24. Additionally, a number of oligo dA, oligo dC, and oligo dG homologs are available. Please call for pricing for any of the oligo dN products; a few are listed below.

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  OLIGODEOXYADENYLATES-Non-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  dA10, sodium salt  B-101045.00210.00400.00770.007200.00
  dA12, sodium salt  B-101255.00260.00500.00970.009200.00
  dA14, sodium salt  B-101465.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  dA16, sodium salt  B-101670.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dA18, sodium salt  B-101870.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  OLIGODEOXYADENYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dA)2, ammonium salt  A-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dA)10, sodium salt  A-101047.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  p(dA)12-18, sodium salt  A-121847.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  OLIGODEOXYCYTIDYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dC)10, sodium salt  C-101057.00250.00480.00920.008900.00
  p(dC)12-18, sodium salt  C-121857.00230.00480.00920.008900.00
  OLIGODEOXYGUANYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dG)10, sodium salt  G-101057.00230.00------
  p(dG)12-18, sodium salt  G-121857.00230.00------
  OLIGODEOXYTHYMIDYLATES-Non-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  dT10, sodium salt  D-101037.00170.00320.00610.005900.00
  dT12, sodium salt  D-101255.00260.00500.00970.009200.00
  dT14, sodium salt  D-101465.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  dT16, sodium salt  D-101670.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dT18, sodium salt  D-101870.00340.00650.001250.0012000.00
  dT12-18, sodium salt  D-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  OLIGODEOXYTHYMIDYLATES-Phosphorylated  NUMBER5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  p(dT)2, ammonium salt (Thymine Dinucleotide)  N-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dT)10, lithium salt  O-101039.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)12-18, lithium salt  O-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)2, sodium salt (Thymine Dinucleotide)  P-100218.0075.00143.00240.002300.00
  p(dT)3, sodium salt  P-100322.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)4, sodium salt  P-100422.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)5, sodium salt  P-100522.00110.00220.00440.004400.00
  p(dT)6, sodium salt  P-100624.00120.00240.00480.004800.00
  p(dT)7, sodium salt  P-100726.00130.00260.00520.005200.00
  p(dT)8, sodium salt  P-100829.00145.00290.00580.005800.00
  p(dT)9, sodium salt  P-100932.00145.00290.00580.005800.00
  p(dT)10, sodium salt  P-101039.00190.00370.00720.007100.00
  p(dT)11, sodium salt  P-101149.00183.00360.00700.006500.00
  p(dT)12, sodium salt  P-101260.00250.00480.00920.008900.00
  p(dT)13, sodium salt  P-101369.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  p(dT)14, sodium salt  P-101469.00310.00600.001150.0011000.00
  p(dT)16, sodium salt  P-101680.00390.00750.001450.0014000.00
  p(dT)18, sodium salt  P-101880.00390.00750.001450.0014000.00
  p(dT)36, sodium salt  P-1036107.00500.00950.001800.0017000.00
  p(dT)19-24, sodium salt  P-111989.00420.00800.001500.0014500.00
  p(dT)12-18, sodium salt  P-121839.00190.00370.00720.007100.00

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