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RNA Template/Primers
Complexes of oligodeoxynucleotides with their complementary polymers are useful in distinguishing DNA polymerase activity from true reverse transcriptase.
MIDLAND offers both polydeoxyadenylate and polyriboadenylate annealed with oligothymidylates, p(dT)10 and p(dT)12-18. Similarly, oligo p(dG)12-18 is prepared by annealing the oligodeoxyguanylate with polycytidylate or polydeoxycytidylate. All complexes are equimolar and all are furnished as the lyophilized sodium salts.
Template/primers are packaged and sold on the basis of A260 Units.

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  ITEM  CATALOG NO.5 Units25 Units50 Units100 Units1000 Units
  Poly rA Poly dT  P-400550.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly rA p(dT)10  P-401050.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly rA p(dT)12-18  P-401250.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly dA p(dT)10  P-411050.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly dA p(dT))12-18  P-411250.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly rC p(dG))12-18  P-421050.00190.00360.00720.007000.00
  Poly dC p(dG))12-18  P-421250.00190.00360.00720.007000.00

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