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We are presently reorganizing the molecular biology portion of our business. During this transition period, we will continue to make the very high quality oligonucleotides that we use for gene construction. We are redirecting our focus to the far greater numbers of oligonucleotides that will be required for genome synthesis. Our objective will be to make the very large numbers of oligos of extraordinarily high quality that will be needed to build synthetic genomes. Meanwhile, some of the other portions of our service have been interrupted or discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many of our customers now make their genes themselves, using our very high quality oligonucleotides, typically 40-mers, to make constructs of 1 to 1.5 kb. The quality of the synthetic oligos is the critical factor in these constructs. If a single deletion within an oligo is incorporated into the construct, the entire downstream sequence will be read out of frame, and hence will be useless until a mutagenesis is performed to correct the error. But this mutagenesis reaction is costly and causes delays in the accurate building of genes, hence our emphasis on the quality of the initial input oligos.

Please contact our company president, Dr. Richard Case at, to convey your needs and requirements, and we will try to be as responsive as possible.

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