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Midland is happy to announce a new service for endotoxin-free oligonucleotides.  All solutions that come into contact with your oligonucleotide are prepared using endotoxin-free water.  To ensure your oligonucleotide is endotoxin-free, we utilize an affinity matrix of modified polymyxin B (PMB), which allows for highly efficient endotoxin removal.  We determine the endotoxin level of the final product using a modified Limulus Amebocyte Lysate with a chromogenic substrate and supply you with the results of the analysis.  The final endotoxin level for the oligonucleotide will be below 0.5 EU/mL.


For questions or pricing information, please contact Dr. Lynn Myers at or Mr. Sandy Faulkner at or call 800-247-8766 and ask for either Lynn or Sandy. 


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