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Richard V. Case, Ph. D.
Chairman of the Board
Richard studied biochemistry at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and obtained his Ph. D. in biochemistry from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His dissertation was on the structure and function of a transfer RNA. After several years as an industrial postdoctoral fellow at P-L Biochemicals (now Amersham/Pharmacia Biotech) and a faculty member in the biochemistry department at The Medical College of Wisconsin, Dr. Case founded MIDLAND in 1978. His present interests lie in the chemistry, biology and enzymology of nucleic acids, in mass spectrometry, and in genomics and biological regulation. Dr. Case enjoys the opportunity to meet and speak with scientists of all disciplines and likes to explore innovative solutions to research problems.
J. Lynn Myers, Ph. D.
Lynn joined MIDLAND in 1988 after receiving his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. His dissertation title is "The Role of the Metal Ion in the Catalytic Cycle of beta-lactamase II". After serving a 1-year industrial post-doctoral position, Dr. Myers joined MIDLAND as a research biochemist. His primary duties included isolation and purification of the enzymes necessary for the enzymatic synthesis of single and doubled-stranded DNA and RNA polymers as well as the synthesis and characterization of these polymers. In 1991, Lynn moved to his current position as Director - DNA Synthesis. Lynn currently oversees every aspect of the DNA and RNA synthesis operation including technical customer assistance.

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